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Where are the must-visit restaurants in South Carolina? In this section, we help take some of the guesswork out of finding great food.

10 Restaurants to Eat Thanksgiving Dinner in South Carolina SC Travel Guide

Restaurants that serve Thanksgiving Dinner in South Carolina

Restaurants that serve Thanksgiving Dinner in South Carolina Would you like a break from cooking Thanksgiving dinner? Would you like to simplify your holiday plans? Are you on a vacation and looking for a special...
best southern fried chicken recipe sc travel guide

Best Southern Fried Chicken Recipe

Living in the south, we tend to have some pretty amazing food, and our best southern fried chicken recipe is no different. This is a straightforward, easy to do fried chicken recipe. Mashed potatoes...
South Carolina Cornbread Recipes sc travel guide

South Carolina Cornbread Recipes

South Carolina Cornbread Recipes Everyone knows in South Carolina that a meal is not complete without cornbread or biscuits!  There are several variations of cornbread that are each a staple of the south.  Pull out...
Southern Sweet Tea sc travel guide

Southern Sweet Tea Recipes

Southern Sweet Tea Southern Sweet Tea is consumed by the gallons in South Carolina.  Before I moved to South Carolina, I never heard of sweet tea before. Sweet tea is believed to have originated in...
slow cooker carolina bbq recipe

Slow Cooker Carolina BBQ Recipe

I am sure that many have heard how amazing Carolina BBQ is. People from across the country come to the Carolina's for some famous Carolina Pulled Pork. In this Slow Cooker Carolina BBQ Recipe,...
low country boil low country cuisine examined sc travel guide

Lowcountry Cuisine Examined

Lowcountry Cuisine Examined The amazing food of the Lowcountry is typically considered to be from the South Carolina Lowcountry and parts of the northern coast of Georgia. Much of the influence of Lowcountry cuisine stems from the...