Whether you load the entire family up for a quick trip to Hilton Head or escape for a romantic getaway with your significant other, we go over all of the fun things to do in Hilton Head this weekend.

things to do in hilton head this weekend sc travel guide
Hilton Head Beaches

Things to do in Hilton Head This Weekend

This 42 square mile beautiful island with a population near 40,000 is sure to have something to do for just about everyone. Hilton Head Island was recently named the best Island in the United States by Travel & Leisure magazine, and this comes as no surprise. With activities that range from boat tours to museums, this island is a fantastic option for a weekend getaway. So what are some things to do in Hilton Head this weekend?

Boat Tours

things to do in hilton head island this weekend backwater cat adventure
Backwater Cat Adventure – Hilton Head Island

There is no way we could start a list of things to do in Hilton Head this weekend without mentioning Boat Tours! Many of you may have toured the island by car or bike, but until you tour the backwaters by boat, you have not seen all of the beauty that Hilton Head truly has to offer. Backwater Cat Adventure located in Hilton Head Harbor gives you the opportunity to drive your own boat with a passenger while following a tour guide.

You experience nature like you otherwise could not do without being on a boat. Most guests see plenty of dolphins just feet away in addition to manta rays, eagles, gators, and other wildlife native to the island. If you are looking to see some Hilton Head Landmarks in addition to wildlife, this Backwater Cat Adventure tour will surely not disappoint.


hilton head cycling things to do in hilton head this weekend

It would be tough to mention things to do in Hilton Head this weekend without mentioning cycling around the island. With over 50 miles of bike paths and nature trails, Hilton Head is one of the best locations in the United States to stretch out those legs on a bike. You can go just about anywhere on the island by bicycle with nothing ever too far away.

The island has plenty of bike rentals to choose from that is convenient to most areas. Cycling is a preferred way to travel the island in the summer as vehicle traffic can be tough to navigate at times.


things to do in hilton head this weekend golf sc travel guide
Hilton Head National

Many people that have been to Hilton Head before are probably familiar with the fact that the island is home to many championship golf courses, 40 in the area to be exact. The island is also home to the nationally broadcast PGA tournament, The Heritage. If you are looking to stay on the island, there are 24 courses to choose from that are in as good of shape as most courses Tiger would play.


things to do in hilton head this weekend sc travel guide fishing
Great White Shark Caught off of Hilton Head Island by Chip Michalove, captain of Outcast Fishing

Some of the best fishing in the country can be found on Hilton Head Island. Whether you are looking to fish from the beach or check out a fishing charter, you are sure to have some luck in Hilton Head. The above picture was taken in February and shows a massive great white shark weighing around 3000 pounds caught off the coast.

If fishing is on your list of things to do In Hilton Head this weekend, be sure to check with local outfitters for up to date fishing information, laws, and charters.

Old Town Bluffton

things to do in hilton head this weekend old town bluffton

Situated less than 15 minutes from Hilton Head Island, Old Town Bluffton is unlike most small towns we have seen across South Carolina. The atmosphere and vibe around town is contagious, with the smell of delicious food in the air from the local restaurants to the beautiful architecture everywhere you look.

Old Town Bluffton is also home to many festivals, with the Bluffton Seafood & Arts Festival as our favorite. This is truly a unique town you must visit the next time you are in the Hilton Head Area.

Eat Eat Eat

things to do in hilton head this weekend restaurants

There is no way that you can visit Hilton Head without eating amazing food. With hundreds of restaurants on Hilton Head Island that feature both traditional and local cuisine, eating becomes an activity more than something we have to do to survive. Many of the restaurants with seafood on the menu harvest the catch locally making each dish as fresh as you can get.

You can find restaurants just about anywhere in the USA, but its hard to beat the quality that you will find in Hilton Head.


things to do in hilton head this weekend entertainment the beachhouse

What could be better than live entertainment with an amazing band by the beach? If you are looking for things to do in Hilton Head this weekend, be sure to check out the music lineup. Many of the restaurants in Hilton Head offer live music from some talented musicians.

The above picture shows The Beach House at Coligny, where you are sure to find some great music with a tiki bar to boot.

Wrap Up

With all that Hilton Head Island has to offer, it is no wonder the area’s popularity is rising each year. There is truly no other area of the United States that can replicate this island. We encourage you to visit and explore Hilton Head Island whenever you have the opportunity. Check back often to this article as we will update with specific attractions, deals, and more.

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