When most people think of South Carolina they think bright sun and palm trees, and snow is not the first thing to come to mind. Although South Carolina does see more snow than most think, it’s not something I would bet the farm on. In our South Carolina Winter Forecast 2018-19 article, we try and pull together all of the predictions out there to give you the best look at what to expect. See SC Travel Guide’s prediction at the bottom of this article.

south carolina winter forecast sc travel guideLet’s start with the famous Farmers Almanac

south carolina winter forecast 2018-2019 sc travel guide
Farmers Almanac Winter Prediction 2018-19

The Farmers Almanac predicts a pretty normal winter for South Carolina and much of the south. The graphic above shows average winter temps and possibly heavier than normal precipitation. Many weather forecasters compare the almanac predictions to a psychic reading. Some of you may believe in psychics while the other half do not, this is similar to people’s belief in the Almanac predictions.

Key Takeaways
→Wetter than normal
→Best chance of snow? Early December and Early to mid-March
→Winter storms will hang on up until the start of spring and possibly longer
→Farmers Almanac predicts a late start to Spring
Possible major winter storm to come mid to late March for the entire East Coast

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south carolina winter forecast sc travel guide

Old Farmers Almanac
south carolina winter forecast 2018-2019 old farmers almanac sc travel guide

In addition to the Farmers Almanac, there is also the ‘Old’ Farmers Almanac. The major differences between the two are primarily the way they predict the weather. Both companies have a large following relying on whichever book they believe to be the most accurate. If the Old Farmers Almanac is accurate, South Carolina should see warmer than usual temperatures with less precipitation.

Key Takeaways
→Winter will be much warmer and slightly drier than normal
→Coldest months will be late December, late January, and mid to late February.
→Best chance for snow will be early December and mid-March
→Old Farmers Almanac also predicts a cooler than normal summer in 2019

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south carolina winter forecast sc travel guide

NOAA Forecast

south carolina winter forecast temperature 2018-2019 Temperatuure Forecast SC Travel Guide
Temperature Forecast
2018-19 Winter Outlook map south carolina sc travel guide Precipitation Forecast
Precipitation Forecast

Judging by NOAA’s graphics above, the normal Farmers Almanac looks very similar to the NOAA South Carolina Winter Forecast. The meteorologist with NOAA predicts South Carolina to have slightly above normal precipitation with average winter temperatures. So what are the most important predictions from NOAA?

Key Takeaways
Normal Temperatures
→Slightly above average rainfall for the upstate while the coast could see higher amounts.
→Spring should arrive on time

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What is SC Travel Guide’s South Carolina Winter Forecast?
south carolina winter forecast 2018-19 SC Travel Guide

So what is SC Travel Guide’s South Carolina Winter Forecast?  With all the above predictions providing different information, it’s no wonder so many are often confused by winter outlooks. I decided to write this article based on my passion for weather and how weather works. I have studied meteorology in my own time for many years and have a slightly different forecast than the ones above.


Our South Carolina Winter Forecast features above normal precipitation. The main reason I think above average precipitation is due to El Nino. El Nino has developed well off the coast of Mexico and will push weather systems through Mexico and across the southern section of the United States.

This will bring systems near or through the gulf and continue north through Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina. The main reason for the southern track of these systems will be the jet stream setting up over the southern states. With all of that said, if temperatures drop as I expect, so will the snow. SC Travel Guide’s South Carolina Winter Forecast is a bit more aggressive than others but for good reason. I believe we will see above average snow for the Upstate region of South Carolina while the rest of the state may get cold enough to see one or two chances for the white stuff.


If you don’t have winter clothing, you may want to consider buying some. As mentioned above, the jet stream will set up to the south allowing many artic blasts to plow through the Mid Atlantic well into the south. The more days below freezing we have coupled with an active weather pattern created by El Nino, the more snow we will see. It is possible this winter could have all the right ingredients for multiple snowy events in South Carolina.

caution south carolina winter forecast 2018-19 sc travel guideA few tips to get you ready for Winter.
Make sure your furnace is working properly or that you have enough wood if you use a  wood stove or fireplace.
→Ensure all pipes that transport water and are exposed to outside temperatures are insulated properly.
→If you have animals outside, be sure to bring them inside for really cold nights or provide them with insulated or heated shelter.

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