South Carolina is filled with excellent hotels, resorts, cabins, and condos to accommodate the millions of travelers that visit South Carolina each year, but how many hotels can you find like Hotel Trundle? Not Many.

Hotel Trundle, Columbia SC
Front Desk

In the heart of Columbia’s Main Street Historic District, Hotel Trundle brings class, elegance, and design brilliance similar to that of boutique hotels you find in New York or Paris. Owners Marcus Munse & Rita Patel began construction of the historic property in 2016 and officially opened their doors in early 2018. With backgrounds in architecture and interior design, Marcus & Rita turned this once dilapidated building into the jewel of the Capital City.

Hotel Trundle, SC Travel Guide

As you enter the lobby, you are greeted by an inviting and friendly front desk staff. The experience is unique from the very beginning with a complimentary local beer to enjoy as you are checking in. Not a beer fan? They also have both red and white wine if that is more to your taste!

Hotel Trundle Columbia SC Travel Guide
Reception Area

Adjacent to the front desk is the reception area, where the hotel offers a sip and nibble manager’s reception featuring wine and light snacks to hold you over until dinner. Every detail of the hotel is meticulously crafted to ensure a one of a kind experience, and you see that from the moment you walk in.

Something neat to also point out in the picture above are the designs in the stair railing. This was crocheted to look like flowers by a local artist in the Columbia area. Features such as this truly show the attention to detail in Hotel Trundle.

Hotel Trundle, Columbia SC, SC Travel Guide
Hotel Lounge

When we say that everything is meticulously crafted, this applies to just about everything in the hotel. In the lounge area, you find beautiful, hard to find furniture that looks custom made just for Hotel Trundle. This area of the building is a comfortable place to relax and unwind, that is if you ever want to leave your room! Since opening day, the lounge has been host to numerous community gatherings and events.

To our rooms shall we…..

Hotel Trundle Columbia SC
1st Floor Hallway

Walking from the lobby and down the first-floor hall, the walls are lined with unique pictures and paintings from artist around Columbia, we were amazed at just how many talented artists are in the Columbia area alone. The carpet as seen above is a nice compliment to both the art and theme of the hotel.

Hotel Trundle, SC Travel Guide
Trundle King Suite

The rooms are unlike most any rooms we have seen in all of our hotel stays. Hotel Trundle got it right by bringing together old historic with a new modern design. You can walk into just about any room in this hotel and feel at home instantly, not sure if it’s the cozy lighting design or every original piece coming together at once.

Hotel Trundle King Suite
King Suite Kitchenette

Some rooms are larger than others, some with kitchenette’s and couches, and some with fridge and microwave racks, but all with more than enough room to get an amazing nights sleep. The picture above shows the kitchenette area of the King Suite, although the King Suite is larger than a standard King room, our stay in a standard King room during our visit felt plenty big enough, and the bed is what I imagine laying on clouds would feel like!

Hotel Trundle King Suit

All of the bathrooms across the various room types are similar; clean, modern, and inviting. The special touches Rita and Marcus include in the hotel are everywhere, and yes even in the bathroom.

Hotel Trundle Bathrooms
Bathroom Soap Tray

The soap trays are definitely an eye catcher and somehow ties flawlessly into the room and theme so well. The soap and shampoo are actually of good quality and for someone with sensitive skin, I really appreciated this perk.

Hotel Trundle, SC Travel Guide
Microwave & Mini Fridge

The above picture shows the old 50’s era microwave and mini fridge and beautiful soft branded robes on the clothes rack. There is also a tray of water and ice bucket waiting in every room along with Hotel Trundle drinking glasses.

Hotel Trundle Unicorn Suite, SC Travel Guide
Unicorn Suite
Hotel Trundle Kitchenette - Unicorn Suite
Unicorn Suite Kitchenette

The Unicorn Suite as seen above is truly magnificent, from the beautiful kitchenette as you walk in, to the large original windows looking out over Taylor Street. Hotel Trundle did an amazing job at tieing together some historic feel with modern design by selecting furniture that could belong in either era.

Hotel Trundle Then & Now

Hotel Trundle Then & Now
Hotel Trundle Entrance Before Renovation

Comparing the picture above and below, it is pretty easy to see the creative prowess the owners put into this stunning hotel.

Hotel Trundle Entrance - SC Travel Guide
Entrance Now

Not only does it take determined vision, but the blood, sweat, and tears that go into major projects such as Hotel Trundle are often overlooked. Anyone can build a hotel, but we have seen few that can turn a building that was once long forgotten and left in the past, into the jewel that Hotel Trundle is today.

The Owners of Hotel Trundle

Rita Patel & Marcus Munsee - Hotel Trundle - SC Travel Guide
Marcus Munsee & Rita Patel

Pictured above, Rita Patel & Marcus Munsee during an awards ceremony where Rita was named a 2018 woman of influence by the Columbia Regional Business Report. Congrats Rita!

During our time with Marcus & Rita, we enjoyed hearing the story of Hotel Trundle and just how much love and passion they have for the Hotel and it’s guest. It is a story of inspiration, dedication, and determination. No matter how broken something is, it always has the potential to be restored.

ΘFinal Thoughts

Finding unique accommodations in 2018 can be tough to come by. While there are many beautiful hotels in our state, there are few with the charm, elegance, and appeal that Hotel Trundle offers. In addition to the beauty, the customer service was top notch, from the front desk to the room staff, you knew you would be greeted with a smile, and have someone eager to go the extra mile to ensure a stress-free stay.

Hotel Trundle carefully chooses art, wine and beer, furniture pieces, and anything else they can from the Columbia area. They believe in giving back to the community and supporting the city they love. It was nice to drink local coffee and see local art that is true to the area. If you want a unique and memorable experience that is more than just a hotel, for a very affordable price, give Hotel Trundle a try!

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