Haunted Places in Upstate SC

Haunted places in upstate sc Haunted Places in Upstate SC

There are many areas of interest that are known to be haunted places in Upstate SC. Have you ever felt like someone is watching you and no one is around, or maybe your lights have blinked off and on for no reason?  Or maybe you have heard strange noises like abnormal creaking in your home that makes you stop to listen with no reasonable explanation of the noise. We have all experienced a moment in time when we think, is this real?

There are many haunted places in Upstate SC. Among our list of haunted places in the Upstate, some of the most haunted places are located in Spartanburg, Union, Woodruff and Greenville, South Carolina. Our first stop on this list, Hell’s Gate, located in Spartanburg, SC.

Oakwood Cemetery (Hell’s Gate) Spartanburg, SC

oakwood cemetry, hell's gate, spartanburg, sc sc travel guideHaunted Places in Upstate SC
Oakwood Cemetry, (Hell’s Gate), Spartanburg, SC

Oakwood Cemetery has been known for some insane experiences, so much that the cemetery has been given the name Hell’s Gate.  This cemetery has thousands of grave sites, some gravesites known, but many unknown.  In the late 1800’s this graveyard was the final resting place for convicts and people without families.  There is a section of the graveyard that is for children only, known as the Children’s graveyard.  Many have experienced seeing spirits or ghost in the graveyard, some have even seen children running and have heard unusual sounds of partially audible voices.  The Cemetery is so well known for paranormal activity, that it has brought devil worshipers, vandals and pranksters to the grounds late at night.

Rosehill Plantation Union, SC

Rose Hill Plantation, Union, SC sc travel guide Haunted Places in Upstate SC
Rose Hill Plantation, Union, SC

Rose Hill Plantation is located in the small town of Union, SC.  It’s known as one of the most haunted places in South Carolina as well as the country!  It was built in 1827 by the Gist family; the family built, lived, and died on the plantation. The hauntings are believed to be by the family members that were buried on the property. Spirits or ghost are said to be seen on the plantation and throughout the living quarters of the property.

Greenville’s Tuberculosis Hospital Greenville, SC

Greenville Tuberculosis Hospital Greenville sc travel guide Haunted Places in Upstate SC
Greenville-Tuberculosis-Hospital-Greenville SC

Greenville’s tuberculosis Hospital located in Greenville, SC is one of the top haunted places in Upstate SC. The hospital also known as the Hopewell Sanitarium was a nationally recognized hospital for patients with tuberculosis.

After being a TB hospital, the facility became an insane asylum and was home to many of those who suffered from procedures such as lobotomies and other cruel mind procedures.  The actual building burned down in 2003 and has been replaced by what it is now known as Herdklotz park.  The basement of the hospital still remains under the park.

Many paranormal experts frequent various areas of the park where the building once stood.  Disembodied voices, laughter, screams, clanging sounds, slamming doors, footsteps going up and down halls, and ringing bells can be heard at the park during night hours.  It has been reported that blood can be seen after it rains in puddles on the grounds. This is one of the scariest and haunted places of Upstate SC.

Crybaby Bridge, Anderson, SC

Crybaby Bridge, Anderson, SC sc travel guide Haunted Places in Upstate SC
Crybaby Bridge, Anderson, SC

A bridge located in Anderson, SC that is off-limits to the public, has the nickname of Crybaby bridge started by the legendary story of a woman and a baby somehow falling or jumping off of the bridge. Many say you can hear cries of a baby or see a woman appear looking for her baby.

Three stories are told about the same woman and her baby. The first legend states that the woman’s husband killed the woman and her baby by throwing them off the bridge.  The second legend of the same lady is that she jumped off of the bridge with the baby in her arms.  The third legend is that the woman was riding in a horse and carriage when something spooked the horse, the carriage tipped over, throwing the women and her baby over the bridge.  The one thing that all the legends have in common is that it is the same women and her baby, and they both died going over the bridge.

If you are brave enough to hear the crying child or see the woman appear in front of you, you must yell twice, “I killed your baby, lady!”  Incidents have been reported of people hearing a baby scream and cry, and some have seen a woman appear with a vengeful look on her face. There have also been reports of electronic issues to people’s cars that are parked on the bridge. This is one of the most haunted places in Upstate SC.

Seven Devil’s Bridge, Woodruff, SC

Seven Devil's Bridge, Woodruff, SC sc travel guide Haunted Places in Upstate SC
Seven Devil’s Bridge, Woodruff, SC

At the precise time of midnight, every night, this bridge has been known to offer paranormal activity to those who are up for the challenge. This bridge is one of the most haunted places in Upstate SC.  Legend has it that seven slaves were hung from the bridge located in close proximity to the historical Price House in Woodruff, SC.

The house used to be open to the public and I myself have toured it several times.  The Price House was built in 1795 by Thomas and Ann Price.  The Price’s ran an Inn, Post Office, and tavern for the local community.  Over two dozen slaves and “freed” slaves worked on this plantation.

Just down the road from the Price House is the Seven Devil’s bridge.  During this time period, the bridge was only accessible by foot but today can be accessed by car. Many have reported seeing green mystical lights on the bridge at midnight just about any time of the year.  If you want the hair to raise up on your back, head out to Woodruff, SC at midnight.  Please be cautious.

The Tanning Yard, Spartanburg, SC

Tanning Yard Spartanburg SC Haunted Places in Upstate SC sc travel guide
Tanning Yard, Spartanburg, SC

The Tanning Yard located in Fairforest (Spartanburg County) is one of the most haunted places in Upstate SC.  This was once a place of business where cow hides were tanned for leather.  It has been reported that in the mid-1900’s many homicides took place in the vicinity of the Tanning Yards.  It has also been reported that many cars have been found dumped with dead bodies inside.

The Adidas plant is now located where The Tanning Yard once stood.  When visiting the Tanning Yard, people feel a sense of sadness, despair, and dread.  A particularly sensitive area is under the railroad tracks.  Like most haunted places in upstate sc, the majority of the paranormal activity happens at night.

Poinsett Bridge Greenville, SC

Poinsett Bridge greenville sc travel guide haunted places in upstate sc
Poinsett Bridge, Greenville, sc

The Poinsett bridge is the oldest bridge in South Carolina and perhaps, the oldest bridge in the Southeastern United States. The Poinsett bridge named after Joel Robert Poinsett was built in the 1820’s, and though the bridge is no longer in use, it is largely intact and well preserved. During the day, the bridge is a secluded pathway through the woods, by night the bridge is known for paranormal activity that will make your heart skip a few beats. Many times, when paranormal activity is on the upswing, electrical devices stop working.

Many have reported that their cars have just turned off and they had no electrical power.  Others have witnessed white figures that suddenly appear in front of them. Its only natural that the Poinsett bridge attracts visitors from around the country.

haunted places in upstate sc Spartanburg SC sc travel guide
paranormal activity, Spartanburg, SC

The next time you are out looking for a ghost or other paranormal occurrences, please use caution.

Disclaimer: Please research each location to find out if you are legally able to access these locations. SC Travel Guide assumes no responsibility for your actions based on this article.

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