Lake Murray still top summer destination in the midlands sc travel guide
Lake Murray, SC

Lake Murray still top summer destination in the Midlands

Lake Murray is the 5th largest lake in South Carolina with over 48,000 acres of water. Although Lake Murray is the 5th largest lake, you wouldn’t know it if you find yourself in a boat in the middle of the lake barely able to see land. The lake has over 500 miles of shoreline and features a dam that is well over 200 feet tall. At the time if construction, the Lake Murray dam was the largest lake dam in the United States.

Lake Murray Dam, Lake Murray still top summer destination in midlands sc travel guide
Lake Murray Dam

So why is Lake Murray still top summer destination in the Midlands?

Lake Murray sits just outside of Columbia, SC, the second largest city in South Carolina. With the lake being so close to a large city, your options are endless for fun. Not only does Lake Murray have great fishing, boating and sailing, beautiful parks, and great local restaurants, you are close enough to the city to take advantage of some of the attractions the city offers as well. Below are some ideas of things to do in and around Lake Murray.

  1. Dreher Shoals Dam Walk – 1.7-mile walk to and from, across the dam.
  2. Dreher Island State Park – Park features lakeside villas and camping options
  3. Rent A Boat – Various boat rental companies around the lake
  4. Visit Riverbanks Zoo & Garden – South Carolina’s largest zoo.
  5. Soda City (Saturday Only) – Features vendors with food, fun, and entertainment

If boating is your thing, Lake Murray is a very popular boating destination. Throughout the summer, you can find many special festivals and get-togethers all over the lake. Even with the University of South Carolina just down the road, the age group is still diverse.

If you are looking to rent a boat, the lake also offers various boat rental companies to get you out on the water.

In Closing

Lake Murray is a great option for a summer getaway to the Midlands of South Carolina. With the state capital city of Columbia just miles away and a large lake with tons of fun things to do, it’s hard to go wrong with Lake Murray in the summer. Check back often for updates on this story.

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